Coriander Leaf @ Chjimes

Through the continuous change of the F&B landscape, Coriander Leaf has withstood time, since 2001 when it was established. It came a long way from its first outlet at Gallery Hotel, and now a newly-opened modern space at Chjimes. Taking over the old space where Sun with Moon […]


Karafuru Dessert @ Jalan Klapa

I’ve been eyeing this place ever since the photos of their pretty desserts surfaced on Instagram. You know, with such highly Instagram-worthy plated desserts (and Nipon-themed too), Singaporeans literally go ga-ga. Coupled with positive reviews, I was very much looking forward to our first meet. Karafuru had a very […]


The Waterfall @ Shangri-La Hotel

Not too long ago, Shangri-La Hotel introduced a new restaurant, The Waterfall, specialising in Southern Italian cuisine. Yes, one more restaurant to find lip-smacking good pastas! On weekends, The Waterfall offers Italian brunches at $48 per head. Not too bad for free-flow pastas, pizzas and caprese I think! However, as I wasn’t […]


MAY MAY @ Tras Street

Many would have heard of the delicious rice bowls MAY MAY serves for lunch, but do you know their dinner is pretty epic too? When you enter the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by the heavenly combination of marble and wood. There’s a light well in the middle of […]


Luxe @ Keong Saik Road

Luxe is the latest Australian addition to Singapore’s café culture! Hailing from Sydney, Luxe started out as a bakery in 2008 and branched out into various concept café-restaurant in Sydney. Riding on the up and coming wave of our local café culture, Luxe debuted in Singapore merely a […]


LongPlay Bar @ Haji Lane

The BFF and I were so excited to head down to LongPlay when we first heard about it! By the Unlisted Collection, LongPlay is the perfect hideout for vinyl lovers, with over 3000 vinyl-only titles in tow. Soak in the amazing music here the whole night and what’s more, […]


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