il Cielo @ Hilton Hotel, Singapore

I haven’t gone back to Hilton Hotel for the longest time ever, constantly gearing towards new hotspots and neglecting the old. That is, until il Cielo caught my attention with its beautiful pool view from Level 24 of Hilton Hotel. Though the decor is rather dated, the ambience […]


Clifford Pier @ Fullerton Bay Hotel

Welcome to my English summer house! Sigh, who am I kidding. After an overhaul of the lobby and restaurant area, Fullerton Bay Hotel has definitely hit home with me. Beautiful is an understatement of this tall, arc ceiling accompanied by grand chandeliers that remind me of old train stations. […]


Creatory | An 8@Ate Production

This post would be inconsequential since this event is happening for just this weekend. In any case, my intention in writing this post was just to share some photos from today and celebrate our home-grown brands and their thriving creativity. If you haven’t yet heard, Creatory is the largest ‘weekend market’ […]


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