Foods That Help to Develop Gout

Foods That Help to Develop Gout: Gout is a type of arthritis that normally affects peripheral joints, especially the big toes. But it can also affect other parts such as thumbs, elbows, knees, and fingers. You can take the medications to ease gout. But at the same time, you need to follow a healthy diet and avoid some foods to improve your condition.

Foods That Help to Develop Gout

Men and post-menopausal women are more prone to gout. If you want to avoid this condition, you will have to restrict yourself from having high purines foods.

Following is the list of the foods that cause gout.

Organ Meat

Organ meat has a high amount of purines that can cause gout and can worsen the condition if you have one. If you like organ meats such as the liver, tongue, kidney, and the brain, then try to reduce the consumption to be on the safer side. If it is possible, try to avoid these foods completely.

Red Meat

Like the organ meat, red meat also contains high purines and should be avoided to prevent gout symptoms and attacks. Though white meats like poultry and pork have also high purines, the amount will be less than the red meat.

If you want more benefits then you can restrict yourself from having any type of meat. If you find it difficult to eliminate them from your diet, then make sure that your consumption is minimal.


Turkey has high purines and it is not considered good for gout. It can make the situation worse. It is better to avoid these foods if you want to reduce the possibility of gout attacks. It is suggested to avoid turkey completely to prevent gout symptoms.


If you love seafood then it might not be a good indication for you. Seafood is not good for gout. You will have to limit the consumption of seafood if you want to prevent gout and its attacks. If it is difficult for you to avoid the herring, sardines, anchovies, and other oily fishes, then at least try to minimize the consumption. Since these foods will not only exacerbate the condition, they can also trigger one.

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When you see any symptoms, avoid these foods completely to reduce the symptoms. When it is under control, you can have salmon, crab, shrimp, lobster, and scallops. But make sure that you are not consuming more than 4-6 ounces in a day. If you consume more, it will only make the situation worse.

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