12 Foods That Destroy Your Liver

Foods That Destroy Your Liver: The liver plays a vital role in your body; digesting and storing nutrients extracted from food as well as ridding your body of harmful toxins. It is therefore important that you keep your liver healthy and in tip-top condition.

Foods That Destroy Your Liver

However, while you think it is the drunkards putting their lives at risk by drinking excessively, you may be no better. Your favorite foods may be silently killing you. Avoid the following foods for a healthy liver:

Soft drinks

The common belief that soft drinks are a healthier alternative to alcohol is as misplaced as it is false. Soda may seem harmless but it is surely killing your liver because it contains a high level of fructose.

The findings published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition will make one hate soda forever. It may not necessarily cause you to gather a few extra pounds around your belly but it will break down your liver.


Avoid any sugary substances at all costs, and it does not matter whether you are overweight or diabetic or not. Too much sugar in your body exerts pressure on the liver, wearing it down.

It forces the liver to convert substances into fats which gather around the organ and finally clog it up. Cut down on sugary foods or lose them altogether.


This is an all-time favorite for many people; however, what you don’t know is that cheese may be silently driving you to an early grave. Cheese contains a high sodium content that is wreaking havoc on your liver.

Small amounts of sodium are good for your body since they help regulate body fluids and blood pressure. Too much of this chemical, on the other hand, may kick up your blood pressure and exert pressure on the liver.


You probably had one today and you are shocked that it made it to this list. Well, like cheese, pizza contains high amounts of sodium. Too much pizza will not only result in weight problems but will also turn your liver into jelly.

It may lead to the accumulation of fats in the abdominal cavity, squeezing out the liver. Your liver will have no breathing space and hence will not work as it is expected to. The levels of toxins in your body will hike and this may prove fatal.


This is another common food that people ingest without a second thought. You probably give some money to your school-going children for snacks. Chances are, they at times buy some yogurt. If this habit doesn’t stop, your entire family is going to suffer from liver cirrhosis.

Yogurt has high fructose content and contains empty calories – calories whose use the liver can’t comprehend. Consequently, it transforms into fats which interfere with its normal operations. If you don’t want a weighed-down liver, ditch the yogurt today.


This may come as a surprise to many since it forms part of the diet for practically all the homes around the globe. It doesn’t matter whether it is whole wheat or not; bread is bad for your liver. Bread may contain a protein known as gluten.

This protein has the effect of damaging the lining of the liver and the digestive tract. You will feel sharp pains in your abdomen as well as experience bloating and general fatigue.

Cookies and biscuits

It was not without reason that they said something about being caught with your hand in the cookie jar. While it may denote being caught in the act of appropriating what is not rightly yours, it also means that cookies are never good for you, at least not your liver.

Cookies contain some amounts of trans fats which when consumed even in the tiniest amounts, lead to the accumulation of bad cholesterol in your body.

French fries

French fries, and any other fried foods, will not only cause you a weight problem but will also affect your liver more cruelly than hepatitis.

They also lead to an accumulation of bad cholesterol in the body even as they lower the good fats. Go easy on fried foods and avoid the chips.

Some fruits

This will also come as a shocker because you least expect fruits to have
any dire consequences. Fruits have long been associated with healthy diets but, as it turns out, this is a complete fallacy.

Fruits containing high levels of fruit sugar or fructose, such as raisins, should be avoided at all costs. Your liver won’t be able to break fructose down and just wouldn’t know what to do with it. The liver will simply convert them into fats and release them into the bloodstream.


Fried breaded sandwiches are no better than French fries. Since you love them so much, you have to look for alternatives because such an eating habit will definitely take a toll on the health of your liver and you as well.

Those sandwiches tend to elevate the level of bad cholesterol, impacting negatively your liver. In the same breath, you would do well to avoid fried appetizers by learning to find alternative means of rejuvenating your appetite before sitting down to a meal.


You may have developed a habit of gobbling down a doughnut in the morning and at a few other times in the day. Doughnuts happen to be in the same bracket as French fries because they are also deep-fried.

Thus, they are high in fats that lead to the production of bad cholesterol in the body. Try to find less fatty alternatives to doughnuts and your liver won’t have much of a problem.

Fruit juices

Fruit juices are a common diet in most homes. You probably had a glass in the morning before you left for work. Well, they may seem harmless but are slowly running down your liber. Like raisins, fruit juices contain high levels of fructose that prove a hard nut to crack by the liver.

It gets even scarier as some manufacturers may add artificial sweeteners, increasing their sugar content. The liver will attempt to go around the problem by converting them into fats that accumulate in your lower abdomen and cause you a weight problem.

For whatever reasons, stay away from fruit juices. Instead, turn to fresh vegetables.

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