9 Common Foods That Make You Bloated

Foods That Make You Bloated: Bloating is not only embarrassing for most people but the source of skewed physical discomfort. It is uncommon for your stomach to expand excessively especially after eating. This makes your stomach feel like someone poured twenty liters of water inside! If this is the case with you, then it is worth taking a keener look at your diet.

Foods That Make You Bloated
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For as much as you are sure you are not suffering from liver disease or even heart disorder, then the reason behind your bloated belly is an intestinal gas build-up.

Most people continue to suffer such conditions even though they claim that they are eating healthily. Nothing is worse than feeling bloated after eating a delicious meal that you think is healthy only to find out otherwise.

To help you out of your situation, this list has been compiled just to handle such situations as yours. The more you know about these foods, the more you get to learn how to avoid them at all costs or even know how to manage the symptoms to avoid embarrassment in the public.

Therefore, below is a list of the 9 common foods that make you bloated:

Nut kinds of milk

Many supermarket almond glasses of milk contain a thickening agent called carrageenan which is a derivation of seaweed and it has also been linked directly to gastrointestinal issues in humans including ulcers and other related issues like bloating.

Almond milk made locally at home is the major source of bloating. This is because it is readily available and hence, very simple and easy to make. When eaten, it makes your stomach bloated like never before.


Onions are another source of stomach bloating. This is because so many people face problems digesting them especially when they are taken raw. Eating onions leads to a formation of gas in the human digestive tract which makes one very uncomfortable due to a bloated stomach.

To bring down the effects of bloating by onions, you should use a smaller quantity of onions that are well cooked or replace them with spices with the same flavor as the onions.

Muesli Bars

Muesli bars contain a high level of protein isolate, which is a derivative of soybeans. Soybeans are among the gas-inducing victims of what we eat on a normal day-to-day meal activity.

To avoid problems as a result of this, you should ensure that what you eat is free from soy-derivatives but from nuts/seeds themselves, and this way you will enjoy your day without the discomfort caused by such food.


Lentils’ levels of fiber and sugars are so high that they cannot be digested. They are normally referred to as phytic acid and oligosaccharides which, on a frequent mode, are the reason behind bloating under any circumstances.

The phytate levels of lentils can be reduced by soaking lentils overnight in lemon or vinegar mixed with water hence, lowering their potential to bloat. You should ensure that previously soaked lentils are well cleaned before they are cooked to remove the traces of substances used to soak them.

Chewing Gum

I am pretty sure that you did not expect this to be on the list of food that makes your stomach bloated. A long time of chewing can make your stomach bloated.

This is because most sugarless chewing gum contains what we call sorbitol, a sugar alcohol that is known for causing digestive problems and whose side effects are among other things, bloating.

To avoid this, you should be in a position to check on labels to ensure that what you are consuming contains sorbitol or not then from here you can do the math.

Canned soup

For those who are looking forward to losing weight, it is very important to recognize the fact that canned soup is on the list of the common food that makes you bloated.

It is known that canned soup contains a large amount of sodium in them which is a great ingredient for stomach bloating. Bloating due to canned soup is a result of a high water retention rate in the body.

If you are watching your weight, it is important to make a large batch of homemade soup and avoid ingesting a lot of sodium into your body this way, you will avoid a bloated stomach.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits have a notably high content of fructose. High levels of fructose are hard to digest and those with sensitive stomachs will face it rough eating a lot of dried fruits as the result will be a bloated stomach.

Failure to digest such fruits will lead to fermentation in the stomach and one of the products of fermentation is a gas that makes you bloated like never before. The best option for this is to eat fresh fruits and berries because they are low on fruit fructose.

Pro-Inflammatory Fats

This is another category of foods that makes one bloated. They include bacon, salami, and other processed meats, corns, soybeans, and sunflower oils. There are those fats that are very difficult to digest by the human digestive system.

They include Tran’s fats, saturated fats, and omega-6 fats. Consuming too many omega-6 fats just because they are essential to our body will do you more harm than good as you will end up with a bloated stomach for the whole day.

Brussels Sprouts, cabbage, and Kale

High fructans are not well digested in the gut and therefore, they are the major source of bloating. Fructans are very hard to digest and for that reason, they can ferment causing a lot of gas and bloating. People with fructose mal-absorption will face it rough with this group of foods.

Among the symptoms of a bloated stomach as a result of eating these food raw include abdominal pain, excessive wind, noisy abdomen, and heartburn. The only way to prevent it is to avoid eating these vegetables raw and trust me, you will not have any problems after that greatly cooked meal.

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