3 Amazing Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar: There is a good chance you are already familiar with all the benefits of white vinegar, what you might not know is that Apple Cider Vinegar has arguably even more health benefits.

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

These incredible healing properties run the gamete from helping with weight loss, clearing acne, stopping hiccups, and boosting your energy. This vinegar can also be instrumental in promoting optimal wellness when it comes to your heart, liver, and lungs.

Here are nine amazing health benefits of apple cider vinegar that will put you on the healthy path to optimal overall wellness.

Helping With Stomach Issues

Sipping some apple cider vinegar in water each day or before meals will help if you suffer from indigestion. If your diarrhea is a direct result of bacterial infections, apple vinegar may just be the all-natural remedy you have been looking for.

The pectin in the vinegar will help to soothe intestinal spasms and reduce the painful and uncomfortable symptoms associated with heartburn.

Improving Your Complexion

If you are battling acne, you might be able to fight back with a natural home remedy that will clean the skin without the use of toxic ingredients. The vinegar makes for a great toner and will leave the skin supple, soft, and looking healthier.

The antibacterial properties of apple cider vinegar will keep your acne under control while the lactic and malic acids exfoliate and soften the skin. By balancing the pH in your skin, you will also notice a reduction of red spots and blemishes.

Clearing a Stuffy Nose

At the first signs of congestion, many people are off to the pharmacy to load up on cough syrup, nasal inhalers, and even aspirin. Now you can treat that stuffy nose with apple vinegar for a fraction of the price and not have to put any toxic chemicals into your body to get immediate relief.

The potassium in the apple cider vinegar will thin the mucus in your nose and the acetic acid prevents the growth of germs. Simply mix a teaspoon of the vinegar with a glass of warm water and drink it down to help with sinus drainage.

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