6 Foods That Naturally Cleanse Your Liver

Foods That Naturally Cleanse Your Liver: Having a healthy and properly functioning liver is one of the keys to being in optimal health. If your liver isn’t operating at its optimal level then you may well find yourself having low energy levels as the day progresses, regularly feeling bloated and gassy, as well as finding it a struggle to shift any excess pounds you might wish to lose.

Foods That Naturally Cleanse Your Liver

What’s more, a poorly functioning liver can cause more serious symptoms including headaches, emotional problems, and feelings of nausea.

Fortunately, by adding just 6 liver cleansing foods into your diet you can eliminate these symptoms from your life and give a massive boost to your energy levels and overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Let’s go straight ahead and look at the 6 incredibly cleansing foods you need to add to your diet now to get your liver back functioning at 100%!


Avocado is not known as a superfood for anything! It contains a wealth of helpful vitamins, minerals, and nutritional components that make it outstanding for every aspect of your health, including the liver.

The keyway avocado affects the liver is by encouraging the human body to produce a greater amount of a powerful antioxidant called glutathione.

With a greater quantity of glutathione in the body, the cleansing process that takes place within the liver is speeded up and made more efficient. Good ideas for adding avocado into your diet to benefit your liver include having guacamole as a regular dip and side for your main meals throughout the week.


Due to apples being less exotic than many fruits and vegetables we are now able to buy in virtually every supermarket, they are often overlooked as a health product. However, when it comes to getting our livers back into perfect condition, apples can have an amazingly positive effect.

Each apple you eat packs a high concentration of pectin, which in turn facilitates a cleansing effect in the body’s digestive tract. The result of this is that a large amount of the pressure placed on the liver to get rid of toxins is lifted due to the digestive tract giving it far less bad stuff to deal with.

Try to eat locally grown, organic apples if possible. Furthermore, it’s worth knowing that many people swear by a couple of tablespoons of cider vinegar per day as a health aid for all areas of the body including the liver.

Green Tea

Eastern culture has long known the incredible health benefits of green tea. In the past decade or so, Western countries are also catching onto the healing and restorative properties that green tea can have.

Green tea can be especially powerful as an aid for cleansing the liver due to it containing high quantities of the antioxidant type known as catechins. Catechins encourage the liver to function optimally and help to get rid of fat from the liver.

If a person’s liver has excessive fat, then it goes without saying that it will not function in the way that it should. Green tea can be drunk as a refreshing beverage on its own or can be combined with other ingredients, such as yogurt to make a smoothie.


If you want to have a healthy liver then you will want to start adding a few turmeric-based dishes into your diet every week. Turmeric has been shown to have multiple benefits to the overall health and functionality of the liver in scientific studies.

This includes safeguarding the liver against damage from toxins, such as free radicals, and facilitating regeneration at a cellular level in liver cells that have already suffered damage. Turmeric is a key ingredient in many delicious and healthy dishes and so is easy to add to your diet.

Some of the most popular and well-loved turmeric-based dishes are chicken biryani and daal. By adding turmeric to your diet you not only help your liver but also get to benefit from other properties such as it being both anti-inflammatory and helpful in reducing cholesterol levels.


One of the best-known foods for enhancing liver health and functionality is grapefruit! Grapefruit is not only utterly delicious but has been shown to possess nutritional qualities that make them an indispensable aid to any liver detox plan.

The first and most important of these is that grapefruit naturally boosts the automatic cleansing process already built into the liver. In essence, the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants contained within grapefruit serve to enhance the effectiveness of the liver’s core functionality.

As a result, regularly consuming grapefruit can have a significant positive impact on your liver. Furthermore, grapefruit has been shown to have real restorative effects on the body’s DNA, which means that any damage already sustained by your liver may partly be able to be reversed by regularly consuming grapefruit.

One of the best ways to consume grapefruit is to squeeze it and then mix it with green tea and ice to get a double whammy of liver cleansing goodness in one single serving!


Garlic is perhaps the most powerful liver cleansing food of all 6 that appear on this list. So if your initial reaction is to think, “There’s no way I can regularly eat garlic as it will make my breath smell”, you might want to think again! In 2013, researchers at an Asian university discovered that garlic is so potent in improving liver health, due to its combination of nutritional properties, that it can even play a role in the fight against liver cancer.

Garlic contains high quantities of selenium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and Arginine – all of which aid liver health. Selenium is a tremendous liver detoxification aid and the Vitamin B6 found in garlic reduces inflammation in the liver considerably.

It also seems that garlic stops fat accumulating within the liver, or at the very least reduces it, and reduces the harmful effects toxins have on the liver.

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If you’re worried about the smell of garlic, then consider taking it in supplement form or making sure you brush your teeth shortly after eating it! To get the maximum benefit from consuming garlic, try not to overcook it or eat it with an accompanying acidic ingredient as this may reduce the beneficial effects it has on the liver.

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