10 Amazing Health Uses of Cucumber

Health Uses of Cucumber: If you thought that a cucumber was purely for use in a salad, then think again. Instead, it has been shown that cucumber can come with several benefits connected to your health that you may never have even thought of.

Health Uses of Cucumber

In other words, these amazing health uses of cucumber will completely change the way you view it.

It is a wonderful way to stay hydrated

Being dehydrated is going to lead to all kinds of health issues, but cucumbers can rectify that in next to no time. It is over 90% water, so your body is going to be able to extract so much water from it that by just eating a cucumber you are going to get a healthy percentage of your daily recommended water intake in one fell swoop.

It can boost your heart and its general health

Cucumber is going to help you to look after the general health of your heart and it is all to do with the amount of potassium that is in it.

A single cup of cucumber will have approximately 152g of potassium and it has been shown that this can help to reduce blood pressure and with that comes a reduction in the chances of having a stroke or even a heart attack.

Cucumbers can protect your brain

The mere fact that cucumber can help protect your brain from various neurological diseases should make people sit up and take notice.

This is all because it contains something called fisetin and this is an anti-inflammatory with recent studies indicating that fisetin plays a key role in the general health of our brain.

Prevent aging of your skin

You may have noticed that cucumber is included in several skincare products and there is a very good reason for that.

The reason for this is that the water and other elements within cucumber are going to be able to help against wrinkles and prevent the aging of your skin by helping to keep it hydrated.

If it is hydrated, then the chances are you will see an improvement in your skin as it will appear fresher and plumper and as long as it is hydrated, then there will be less sagging and those wrinkles are not going to appear in the first place.

Reduce inflammation in the body

Cucumbers contain something called polyphenols and in particular, one called lignans and this has been medically shown to be effective at reducing inflammation within the body. This has also been shown to be potentially useful in reducing the chances of developing cancer. In addition, it also has certain nutrients called cucurbitacins. This has also been shown by scientists to be effective at blocking various aspects of cancer cells with it stopping them from being able to survive.

Acting as a pain reliever

It may be pretty amazing to think that cucumber can help you with pain, but this is also something that has been studied by scientists and examined in the laboratory.

The reason for this is because of something called flavonoids and they are known for having anti-inflammatory properties, but there is more as it also contains tannins, and both of these things are known to be able to limit the release of something called free radicals and they are associated with pain.

Help with bad breath

People do hate to have bad breath and it is common for people to scramble around trying to work out how they can stop it from happening to them.

However, bad breath is related to bacteria in the mouth, and eating cucumber means you are going to be able to produce more saliva in your mouth and that is going to result in fewer bacteria as the saliva will wash it away and that bad smell is going to go away in an instant.

It will help your bones

It might be rather surprising for a lot of people to think that cucumbers are capable of helping the general health of your bones.

The reason for this is because they are high in vitamin K with just one cup having approximately 25% of your daily recommended allowance of the vitamin, which is going to be beneficial for your bones.

Indeed, lower amounts of this vitamin in your body have been associated with an increase in the chances of bone fractures as the vitamin adds extra strength to your bones.

You will also find that vitamin K helps with the absorption of calcium and that is also going to help to increase bone density.

It can help stop constipation

Cucumbers are high in water, but at the same time, they are also high in insoluble fiber. When you have the two of these things put together it does lead to your digestive system being able to work more smoothly and it also allows things to flow more easily through the digestive tract.

By doing this, you will find that your chances of developing constipation will fall quite considerably and you will feel so much healthier as a result.

Help you with your weight

Cucumbers have also been shown to be useful in helping people to maintain a healthy weight. They are very low in calories and at the same time the fiber, as we just mentioned, helps the digestive tract to work more easily and that is also going to be beneficial.

Indeed, foods that are seen as being high in fiber are directly related to helping people to lose weight so including them in your diet is an absolute must.

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As you can see, cucumbers are far more useful than you were perhaps aware and there is no doubt that you should seek to use them more often due to the different health benefits that they bring.

You may think that they are a bit boring, but look at the bigger picture and accept that your health will improve as a direct result of including the humble cucumber in your diet.

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