7 Reasons to Include Maple Syrup in Your Diet

Include Maple Syrup in Your Diet: Most people who want to add some sweetener to their meals turn to honey or white sugar, and most are not aware of a healthy and all-natural option available in every supermarket in the country.

Maple Syrup in Your Diet

Maple syrup is not just for pancakes and waffles any longer, as more people are starting to find out all about the healthy reasons you need to include maple syrup in your diet. Today health-conscious consumers are adding maple syrup to their oatmeal, yogurt, fish, chicken, granola, and as a dressing for salads.

Here are just a few reasons to make sure you have plenty of maple syrup in your cupboard.

Boosting Your Immune System

In a study that was released by the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was revealed that maple syrup is a great source of magnesium and zinc. The presence of magnesium and zinc in our bodies is vital for maintaining a healthy immune system. When you are lacking in both of these essential minerals, there will be a dramatic decrease in the number of white blood cells in your body.

The lack of white blood cells greatly impacts the response of your immune system to fight off potential threats. Adding some maple syrup to your meals will help keep those minerals at optimal levels.

Fighting Off the Common Cold

One of the reasons you need to include maple syrup in your diet, you will not get sick as often. The calcium, thiamine, and zinc in the maple syrup help to fight off the threat of the common cold. By maintaining the production of white blood cells in the body, you easily build up a strong resistance to sickness.

The manganese in the maple syrup also protects those immune cells from damage and inflammation. If you do feel a cold coming on, enjoying some maple syrup will allow the immune system to spring into action to maintain a healthy balance.

Combating Dangerous Diseases

Maple syrup can help ward off dangerous diseases from taking hold in the body. In studies conducted by the University of Rhode Island, maple syrup has high levels of helpful antioxidants. These antioxidants and polyphenols have anti-diabetic, anti-bacterial, and anti-cancer properties.

The ingredients in the organic maple syrup can stimulate insulin release in the pancreatic cells, effective for those suffering from diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Drizzling some maple syrup on your oatmeal each day will go a long way in helping to prevent the effects of osteoporosis, cancer, and Alzheimer’s, mostly because the polyphenol compounds have effective antioxidant power.

Promoting a Healthy Heart

One of the added benefits of adding maple syrup to your diet is that it will help to promote a healthy heart. Your heart is vulnerable to many deadly diseases ranging from, cardiovascular disease, strokes, and atherosclerosis. A body rich in zinc will help to keep this vital organ running effectively and reduce the chances of diseases.

Maple syrup is high in zinc content and will help protect the heart from a wide array of different cardiovascular diseases. The excess cholesterol of the maple syrup protects the cells from damage and decreases the ability of diseases from taking hold.

Anti-Aging Properties

The high antioxidant properties of the maple syrup can even work as a topical treatment for reducing the signs of aging in the skin. Fine lines, brown spots, and wrinkles, all are a result of the skin losing its elasticity and succumbing to the effects of time. Just like any other topical antioxidant, you apply to the skin to moisturize the tissues, the maple syrup can repair free radical damage and help improve the appearance of aging skin.

In research conducted by Web-MD, the anti-aging properties of the maple syrup can reduce years of damage that are a result of the damaging rays of the sun. Once the skin loses elasticity, it quickly begins to diminish in appearance. The maple syrup can turn back the clock and restore that supple and soft texture to the skin.

Improved Liver Function

Maintaining a healthy liver will go a long way towards overall optimal health. The liver is key to detoxifying the body from toxins and helps to ensure the rest of the organs receive pure nutrients so they can function effectively. In research conducted by the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, it was shown that when carbohydrates were replaced with maple syrup that liver function improved.

When the liver is running effectively, the rest of the body will follow suit. The maple syrup will also reduce instances of gas, bloated feelings, and indigestion.

Helping With Muscle Recovery

Bodybuilders understand the importance of the body being able to heal quickly so that muscles can heal and grow effectively. Adding maple syrup to yogurt, oatmeal, and even trail mix can help these athletes to better repair cell damage and their muscles. The maple syrup is rich in manganese, which can strengthen bones and help maintain normal blood sugar levels in addition to helping with muscle recovery.

The only way that bodybuilders can continue to increase muscle mass is by allowing the muscles to heal and grow as effectively as possible. The manganese in the maple syrup gives these athletes an all-natural alternative to toxic supplements for repairing the cell damage safely.

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Now you are a little more informed about all the reasons you need to include maple syrup in your diet. This sweet little treat is simple an antioxidant powerhouse, and whether you are a serious athlete or someone looking to just maintain their health, you can not go wrong incorporating it into your diet. The antioxidant compounds repair parts of the body while at the same time fighting off diseases from ever being able to fully develop.

The easiest way to start including more maple syrup in your diet is to start swapping out some of that sugar you are already adding to foods. When cooking, substitute the maple syrup in place of sugar, drizzle it on your favorite healthy snacks, or add it to your dinner as a dressing.

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