6 Worst Common Healthy Foods

Worst Common Healthy Foods: It’s no secret that the vast majority of us at some point in our lives have tried various diets or used products to assist in weight loss. We almost always listen to the promises of quick and simple weight loss and have a wide range of food options available to us.

Worst Common Healthy Foods

However, there is huge confusion about what is healthy for us and what is bad for us. There are many misconceptions out there with misleading information. For example, there are many foods out there claiming to be fat-free resulting in many people purchasing them to lose weight.

However, they don’t realize that these foods are full of carbohydrates and contain a large number of calories. This results in the opposite effect leading to weight gain.

Here are six foods that are commonly viewed as healthy, but in fact, are the opposite and should be avoided at all costs.

Pre-made Smoothies

Pre-made smoothies come across as being a healthy alternative to eating a meal. The packaging you see on them when they are sitting on the shelf is designed in a way that portrays the smoothie to be “healthy”. The word ‘smoothie’ is also commonly associated with weight loss so it is only natural that we assume all smoothies are healthy.

However, realistically it is a fact that smoothies can contain a lot more calories than a cheeseburger. Some smoothies contain as much as 650-1000 calories due to the incredibly large portions of fruit and vegetables.

It is vital to remember that the fruits used are full of natural sugar and the smoothies produced often have more sugar added to them for taste. Of course, it is better to eat foods with plant-based nutrients, however, you can easily overdo it.

Protein/Energy Bars

There are a lot of energy, protein, and fiber bars available promising to assist weight loss and bodybuilding. However, realistically they are almost the same as ordinary candy bars with a boosted amount of protein or carbohydrates.

If you want to consume more protein then try eating cottage cheese instead or lean meats such as tuna or chicken breast. Stick to fish and poultry for high protein and low carbohydrates. There is no point in eating any of these so-called healthy food supplements.

Frozen Yogurt

For too many people frozen yogurt seems like the perfect substitute for ice cream. It is said to be much healthier with fewer calories. This is because there are a lot less saturated fats in yogurt.

However, people forget that once the yogurt is topped up with toppings and a crazy amount of sugar, they are pretty much the same. There is no benefit at all from eating frozen yogurt instead of ice cream so take it off your healthy eating list.

Fat-Free Sweets

This is a perfect example of misleading information. Fat-free cakes and cookies are incredibly deceiving with people thinking fat-free means calorie-free. This causes people to eat much more than usual because they think they are eating healthy.

It is important to understand the true meaning of fat-free so you realize you are still consuming a large number of calories. Remember that 3500 calories are one pound of fat regardless of how you take them. Therefore the most important thing to remember when losing weight is to ensure you keep a caloric deficit every day.

This way you will lose 1 or 2 pounds every week. It is healthier to eat fruit and vegetables more often to consume healthier nutrients, however, don’t overdo it or you will end up taking in too many calories.


For almost every single person in the world, a very small amount of granola will provide you with a lot of sugar and trans fats. Both of these have been proven to increase the likelihood of an unexpected heart attack and stroke.

Eating granola will also increase your calorie intake resulting in it being much harder to burn fat and ultimately lose weight. One of the worst aspects of granola is that the portion sizes are tiny when you look at the calories they provide.

You can easily eat a portion of granola and still be starving. This is because granola is rich in calories due to the amount of sugar. At breakfast time you will eat granola with milk so when you finish one portion and still feel hungry you will take in another portion of milk as well.

This is known as a vicious cereal cycle. Make sure you don’t fall into this trap as it will hinder your weight loss goals.

Peanut Butter

All types of nuts are amazing in their way and all contain very healthy fats. They have been proven to boost the health of your heart and assist in weight loss. However, the majority of peanut butter is unhealthy due to the extra ingredients. You need to find a brand that contains only peanuts and salt.

The more ingredients there are the less healthy it becomes. You would be just as well eating sugary sweets instead because of the calorie content. Many bodybuilders eat peanut butter to help provide them with more protein for muscle building. Yes, indeed peanut butter is good for building and maintaining muscle however you can’t eat too much of it because there is a high-fat content as well.

These are the 6 Worst Common Healthy Foods. If you are planning to lose weight or become fitter then you should stay away from all of these foods. The smoothies can taste nice and contain healthy nutrients, however, the calorie content is important and this is why they can be unhealthy. They are also usually full of sugar which in turn builds fat.

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A good tip to lose weight is to stick to a caloric deficit every day and you will notice a huge change in the long run. Also, try to drink plenty of water to lower your water retention giving you a slimmer look. Although it is water weight, you will see a difference.

Nonetheless, you want to lose fat gradually over a few months to see true results.

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