17 Surprising Health Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice

Health Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice: If you are not already aware of the health benefits of wheatgrass juice, you need to sit down are absorb the following information. According to researchers at the Hippocrates Health Institute, incorporating a glass of wheat juice each day will benefit just about every organ in your body and help to fight off numerous diseases from developing.

Health Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice

While this list only contains seventeen surprising benefits of wheatgrass, the actual number is in the hundreds.

1. Naturally Detoxing the Body

Each day the foods you eat are filling the body with deadly toxins that can cause the liver to work overtime trying to keep you healthy. One glass of wheatgrass juice can cleanse the toxins from the body and reduce the workload on the liver. The toxins will easily be flushed out and replaced by powerful antioxidants and nutrients.

2. Improving Your Skin

Rather than pay for those expensive acne treatment products, you can help to improve the condition of your skin with wheatgrass juice. Not only will it stop new acne from developing, but the juice can also slowly remove the acne scars that have resulted.

3. Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

A small amount of this healthy juice each day and you can stop the decay of your teeth. Not only will this juice prevent tooth decay, but it can also help to eliminate the pain from a toothache in as little as five minutes.

4. Restoring Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Making the switch from orange, grapefruit, or carrot juice to wheatgrass can help your body to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Making small changes to your diet and drinking more of this amazing juice will help to keep you on the road the overall wellness.

5. Help Fighting Infections

According to research that was conducted by the American Journal of Surgery, the chlorophyll in the wheatgrass is effective at neutralizing infections, hastening skin grafting, healing rectal sores, and treating vaginal infections.

6. Creating a Healthy Heart

According to the American Heart Association, drinking a cup of wheatgrass juice each day can have long-lasting positive effects on the heart. The chlorophyll in the juice goes to work on the vascular system, cleansing the blood so the heart receives more nutrients and vitamins it can distribute more readily.

7. Healing the Lungs

This powerful juice can also heal the lungs by dissolving scar tissue that is formed by breathing acid gas. The juice can help to reduce the dangerous risks that are associated with breathing in carbon monoxide by increasing the production of hemoglobin.

8. Soothing Your Through

If you wake up and experience the signs of a sore throat, rather than gargle with salt and warm water, try a cool glass of healthy wheatgrass juice. It will reduce the discomfort and boost the healing process at the same time.

9. Stay Younger Looking

One of the benefits that will help you look younger from drinking this juice is that it helps to fight off the hair turning gray. The hair will retain its color longer while looking healthier and growing stronger and healthier.

10. Improve Stomach Indigestion

Stop taking those over-the-counter medications and antacids for your heartburn, a shot of wheatgrass juice will be far more effective and healthier for your body. The juice will reduce the painful feelings associated with stomach acid backing up to the esophagus, allowing you to enjoy your meals without having to reach for a pill soon after getting up from the table.

11. Total Skin Treatment

Forget about spending hundreds of dollars at the spa this month to treat your skin, you can get better results right in your bathtub. Relax in the tub full of warm water and then pour the wheatgrass juice all over your body. Kick back for fifteen minutes to let the juice soak in, then rinse off with some cold water.

12. Improving Painful Arthritis

Your arthritis can limit your mobility and cause you to pain throughout the day which can be alleviated by drinking more of this juice. In addition to drinking the juice, soak a cotton sock in the juice and then place it on the affected area of the body. Cover with a plastic bag to allow the juice to penetrate the skin surface.

13. Eliminate Embarrassing Dandruff

Wheat juice can be a more effective treatment in your battle with dandruff than those expensive shampoos and conditioners. Those products contain harsh chemicals that are not only drying out the hair, but it is drying your scalp too. When in the shower, gently massage the juice down to the scalp and then cover with a shower cap for fifteen minutes. Rinse out with cool water and your dandruff will subside in days.

14. Healing Eye Irritation

When you are experiencing minor eye discomfort, mix one-part juice with one part water and apply using an eye cup for at least fifteen seconds. The discomfort will subside and you can rinse the juice with warm water.

15. Fighting the Effects of Constipation

When you are suffering from constipation, the best thing that you can do the free up the removal of waste is to drink a glass of wheat juice to help keep the bowels open. The high magnesium content in the juice will keep the digestive system running efficiently.

16. Reducing High Blood Pressure

The benefits of this juice to the heart continue, one being it will help to reduce high blood pressure. The nutrients in the juice help to enhance the capillaries and as a result, the blood flows more easily to the heart where it can pump it to all the vital organs of the body more easily.

17. Increasing Your Endurance

Rather than reaching for a sugar-packed energy drink when you need that extra help with endurance, this juice can help increase your strength naturally.

Now that you see just a small sampling of the surprising benefits of wheatgrass, you can do your body good by making this a permanent part of your daily morning routine. This is when the furnaces in the body are getting fired up, and when the juice will have the biggest overall impact on all your body systems.

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