8 Cleansing Spices to Detox Your Body

Spices to Detox Your Body: There is a good chance that you associate spices with herbs that you add to food to make it taste better. While this can certainly be true, there are many spices that serve double-duty and can rid the body of toxins and give your immune system a healthy boost.

Spices to Detox Your Body

More people are discovering that they can use certain spices to help with their detox efforts, taken each day to cleanse vital organs and keep the overall body systems operating efficiently.

Here is a list of eight powerful spices to detox your body and help to keep you on the road to optimal well-being.


One of the reasons you will grow to love taking more rosemary each day is the amazing taste of this spice. Rosemary is excellent for detoxing your body, and can easily be added to your meals or to the water that you drink each day.

Rosemary has incredible antioxidant properties and will help your body to better defend itself from free-roaming radicals. Some patients have seen a reduced risk of heart disease and cancer as a result of eating more rosemary with their meals.


This sweet spice is used in many of the baking goods that you enjoy, but chances are good that you have no idea how beneficial eating more cinnamon can be for detoxing the organs in your body. Used in sweet pastries, the body does not get the full benefits of this powerful spice.

To enjoy a cleansing of your system, start adding the cinnamon directly to your smoothie, milkshake, or even as a flavoring with your water. Taking the cinnamon in this manner will ensure you are getting all those direct benefits and see results faster.

Cayenne Pepper

Many people already enjoy cayenne pepper to heat up the dishes they prepare, but it does have detoxing benefits as well. The cayenne pepper has long been associated with helping people safely lose weight, basically because it speeds up the metabolism in the body and burns fats faster.

When it comes to the detoxification process, the cayenne pepper aids in the digestive process which in turn helps to improve your entire body and even how you feel. When the digestive system is backed up, it is packed with dangerous toxins that cause you to feel lethargic. The cayenne pepper moves things along in the digestive system by aiding the body in eliminating those toxins.


Ginger can help your body to absorb minerals and nutrients from the foods you eat. One of the mistakes that many people make when detoxing the body is they take great efforts to begin eating the foods that will eliminate toxins from the body, but then they fall short in replacing that void with healthy nutrients.

Getting more ginger into your body will reduce the painful symptoms associated with detoxing like bloating and flatulence. The ginger helps the body to more effectively pull those vital nutrients from your food so your entire system is running optimally.


Many adults today remember their father chowing down on a jar of horseradish with dinner and may have even made the mistake of trying a spoonful after inquiring about this strange spice. Today people have embraced horseradish because it can specifically help the liver to screen out carcinogens. Reducing the carcinogens in the liver, in turn, reduces the likelihood of developing cancerous tumors.

Horseradish is a powerful spice in the effort to detox the body, helping the liver to eliminate excess toxins that can be problematic to other organs in the body. Although it is an acquired taste because it packs a powerful punch, mixing it with other foods can limit the taste while allowing you to still enjoy the health benefits.


There are plenty of foods on that Mexican menu where cumin is utilized, and eating more quesadillas or nachos is not going to help detox your body. Cumin on its own does have amazing detoxing properties, helping to improve the digestive system by releasing toxins more easily and frequently.

When you are trying to detox and the digestive system is running sluggishly, toxins are still trapped in the body and counterproductive to your efforts. The best way to keep up the elimination of these toxins is to get the digestive system to be firing on all cylinders, and cumin will certainly help to do that.


If you are looking for a spice that will provide a huge boost to your internal organs, saffron should be at the top of your shopping list then. The saffron helps those organs responsible for filtering out toxins from the body operate more efficiently. When you take more saffron, the kidneys and bladder will boost their efforts to eliminate toxins, allowing them to be flushed right out of the body in the urine.

The saffron also helps the liver, the most powerful organ in the body for eliminating toxins. Not only will you be allowing your organs to operate better, but you will also start to feel better as a result. You will wake up revitalized, have more stamina through the day, and your immune system will get a boost and keep you healthy longer.


A popular spice that is commonly used in Indian cuisine is cardamom. This powerful spice can be quite effective at helping you to detoxify your system because it attacks dangerous bacteria throughout the body. The added benefit is though this spice is working to eliminate dangerous bacteria, it leaves behind the good bacteria that are essential for optimal gut health.

When you use the cardamom with other spices, it creates that powerful one-two punch needed to kill off the bacteria and then flush them out of the body quickly. One added benefit to incorporating more cardamom into your diet is it also works as an antidepressant. Whether you feel run-down or not, the cardamom will boost your energy levels and cleanse from within too.

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