5 Reasons You Should Start Eating Goji Berry

Start Eating Goji Berry: The goji berry is a fruit that is produced by the Chinese Lycium barbarum plant and has been used in traditional medicine for many years. Studies released by the Mayo Clinic suggest there are numerous health benefits of goji berry, ranging from improved eye health, protecting the body from chronic diseases, to helping you lose weight.

Start Eating Goji Berry

The medicinal properties of the goji berry date back to ancient China where it was used to treat kidney, liver, and eye ailments. Today you can purchase or grow your own goji berry and enjoy some of the following health benefits.

Helping With Weight Loss

These little goji berries are nutritional powerhouses, packed with healthy antioxidants in little raisin-like fruits. They not only have antioxidants and vitamins that will keep the body healthy, two servings each day will give your body the recommended daily allowance of fiber and help you to feel fuller throughout the day.

When your body feels full, you no longer find yourself reaching for that afternoon or late-night snack to satisfy hunger cravings. Eating a few goji berries with your morning breakfast or with a meal at dinner will prevent you from overindulging and help you to maintain a healthy weight.

According to research that was conducted in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, patients who ate the goji berries for 2 weeks straight reported a significant improvement in digestive function compared to those patients who did not eat the berries. The fruit increases energy levels so you are burning fats faster, and will help keep you away from the pantry throughout the day by curbing your appetite.

Improved Conditions from Arthritis

Eating goji berries each day can have a positive impact on the painful symptoms associated with arthritis. According to information released in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, the powerful antioxidants in the berries can fight the joint discomfort and inflammation associated with arthritis.

People who suffer from this crippling disease often resort to medications and creams that are packed with toxic ingredients that only temporarily ease discomfort, but have the potential to cause other internal illnesses as a result. The all-natural goji berry is a healthy alternative that will provide the body with the nutrients it needs to heal from within and provide relief in the joints so a person can get back to enjoying an active lifestyle.

Healthy for the Heart

The Chinese have known for centuries about the healing properties of the goji berries, and papers that were released by the Journal of Nutrition are just now revealing what ancient cultures knew all along. One of the biggest health benefits of goji berry is how it can strengthen the heart and reduce the likelihood of you developing a number of cardiovascular diseases. Not only can the goji berry fight diabetes, but it could also lower your blood pressure and blood sugar level.

When your heart is healthy and you reduce the risks associated with high blood pressure, you in turn reduce the chances of suffering a stroke or a heart attack too. The high antioxidant content of this berry could help put you on the road to optimal heart health, but if you are already taking heart medications you should always speak with your physician about eating this fruit.

Improved Overall Immune System

A strong immune system means your system can easily fight diseases before they have a chance to take hold in the body. This means you will feel stronger and healthier longer, and the slightest cold symptoms will not knock you off your feet. Another amazing health benefit of goji berry is it can strengthen your overall immune system.

According to research conducted at the Mayo Clinic, the goji berry is extremely high in fiber, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C. This powerful combination is like having a guard on duty around the clock to identify illnesses at stopping them a the gate long before the body even shows symptoms of you getting sick.

Only four ounces of the goji berry can provide 10 percent of the daily recommended dietary proteins your body needs to thrive. One incredible side note, because of the complex carbohydrate content in these berries, this fruit will raise the blood sugar slowly so you do not experience any crash soon after.

Help Healing the Elderly

The elderly are less active and more susceptible to illnesses than younger generations. Consuming the goji berry can fight several diseases and help the elderly with improved overall wellness. According to research in the Journal of the American Academy of Optometry, the goji berry was found to protect against muscular degeneration. We already discussed how this fruit can help to ease the discomfort associated with arthritis and can strengthen the heart.

The Journal of Nutrition released a revealing study that showed that the goji berry can fight off the symptoms associated with the flu in the elderly even if they have been vaccinated and still contract the illness. When a person is at an advanced age, any illness can be life-threatening, and the powerful healing properties of the goji berry can go a long way in reducing both the pain and discomfort associated with many of those illnesses.

The high antioxidant properties of the goji berry go to work on protecting the cells in the body from an attack against radiation and smoke. The high fiber content of these berries will help maintain your ideal weight and keep you from overindulging in your meals.

One of the reasons more people are turning to the goji berry is because while most new miracle foods are bland and tasteless, the goji berry is both brightly colored and extremely tasty. The sweet-tasting fruit that resembles the raisin can be eaten in several ways and can either be grown in warm climates or purchased prepackaged in the health section of your favorite supermarket.

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Now you understand better about the numerous health benefits of the goji berry and why it is a great alternative to the other berries available to you. It provides optimal health benefits packed into one fruit, and you only need two servings a day for the body to become stronger, and healthier, and to respond faster to any invading toxins or roaming free radicals.

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